There are many programs and agencies available to help your family and community. Learn more about them to help you know your rights and responsibilities when working together. 

Ethics in parent peer support:

Balancing your lived experience and professional roll

Learn about the System of Care:

The system of care framework is being applied to many different populations of children, youth, and families. Learn how it can benefit families and communities. 


A 4 minute video that explains the Wraparound process and key concepts. 

Understand Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system and be better prepared to work closely with juvenile justice staff to promote positive outcomes for your child.

The Wraparound Process User's Guide: A Handbook for Families. 

Learn more about using this planning process to bring together people from different parts of your family's life to help realize the hopes and dreams for your child.

PA Parent and Family Alliance

is a state-wide program of the

Allegheny Family Network


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