PA's Mental Health Consent Law

In September 2020, PA's mental health consent law changed. This new law called, 2020 Act 65, allows children age 14 and up to consent for their own mental health treatment which can not be overridden by their parent/legal guardian's refusal. 

We, at the PA Parent and Family Alliance, believe this allowance to seek and receive treatment for children age 14 and up is valuable and we fully support their right to receive the services they desire. 

We also want to make sure families understand this updated law also reaffirms the fact that parents/legal guardians can consent to mental health treatment for their children, of any age, with or without the child's consent. While we understand that in the past many providers were under the impression that children age 14 and older could refuse treatment, this law makes it clear that that is NOT the case. Parents/legal guardians can consent to both inpatient and outpatient treatment for their child even over the child's objections. 

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